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All About Intellitix

Intellitix has been at the forefront of the RFID solutions industry for over a decade, revolutionizing the way cashless payments and access control are handled at major live events worldwide. Our expertise and cutting-edge technology have earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for the largest and most successful events in the world.

In a significant move to expand our capabilities and offerings, Intellitix made a strategic decision in January 2020 to acquire a majority stake in CrowdBlink. This acquisition allowed us to leverage the strengths and expertise of both companies, leading to a series of exciting product improvements and the development of new capabilities. By integrating our resources and knowledge, we have created an all-in-one event platform that combines cashless payments, access control, and ticketing functionalities. This unified platform, under the Intellitix brand, offers event organizers a comprehensive solution to streamline operations and enhance the guest experience.

At Intellitix, we understand that each event is unique, and therefore we provide white glove services for customers who require a more personalized approach. Our dedicated team works closely with event organizers to tailor our solutions to their specific needs, ensuring seamless integration and maximum value.

One of our primary goals is to empower event organizers to make informed decisions and create unified guest experiences. Through our innovative solutions, we provide event organizers with valuable insights, ownership, and transparency into their events. By leveraging our technology, organizers can drive profitability and growth while delivering exceptional experiences for their attendees.

The world's best events choose Intellitix as their trusted partner for RFID solutions. We are proud to be associated with renowned events that prioritize efficiency, security, and guest satisfaction. Our track record and commitment to excellence have made us the go-to choice for event organizers seeking a reliable and comprehensive event management solution.

When it comes to elevating your event and ensuring its success, Intellitix is the name to trust. Join the ranks of the industry's leading events and experience the power of our innovative solutions firsthand.

What makes us different from the rest.


Pioneers in RFID technology for events


Pioneers in RFID technology for events


We have successfully executed more than 3,500 events


40 million guests have engaged with our system


We have facilitated 30 million cashless transactions


We have facilitated more than $2B in cashless spending

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