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Never before have event organizers been armed with such rich customer data until RFID-based solutions emerged into the global festival and live event scene. Through RFID wristbands, organizers are able to capture and analyze every data touch point of the guest experience, including patron entry, cashless top-ups and purchases, and interactions with brand sponsors.

Here are some ways you can leverage the analytics and insights collected through our Access Control, Cashless Payment, and Experiential solutions.



Track Real-Time Capacity Counts

  • Optimize allocation of staff, security personnel and hardware equipment in busy areas during peak times to ensure smooth and seamless patron entry.
  • Improve future site planning of entrances, exits, VIP zones, production and other areas to increase operational efficiencies for patron flow and staff management.

Know Your Audience

  • Through RFID wristband registration, capture demographic and contact information of every event attendee who creates an account, not just the original ticket purchaser.
  • With audience profiles linked to individual wristband UIDs, you will know exactly who is flowing through your entrance gates in real-time.

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Gain a Wealth of Real-Time Audience Sales Data

  • Boost advanced top-up levels and registration for guests who haven’t yet created their cashless accounts.
  • Know exactly where your audience is spending their money with real-time reporting capabilities recorded digitally down to the transactional level including top-ups, item SKU, merchant location, POS terminal, date and time, and individual wristband UID.
  • Vendors can have better control of inventory levels with real-time sales data of their products, enabling them to re-stock on best-selling items (where applicable).
  • Optimize current sales opportunities and encourage more frequent purchases on the fly by sending time-sensitive on-site offers during slow periods or for slow-selling items.

Leverage Big Data for Future Improvement

  • Turn patrons into customers by re-engaging guests post-event with targeted email offers from vendors and the event organizer including pre-sale tickets, discounted merchandise swag, new product releases, in-store or online coupons and more.
  • Enhance future product and service offerings based on top-selling items and vendors to give customers more of what they want, resulting in an increase of on-site revenue.
  • Improve marketing efforts for future ticket sales to target core audiences more effectively with a better understanding of their purchasing and brand preferences, tied to demographic profiles.

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Measure and Optimize Sponsorship ROI

  • With real-time data on user engagement levels and demographics, brand partners are able to create customer profiles and measure the return on investment of their sponsorship activations immediately.
  • Depending on the type of brand activation implemented, sponsors may have the opportunity to further incentivize guests to increase participation rates on the fly.
  • Targeted post-event content and communications allow sponsors to further own brand messaging and the fan journey past the event itself.

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