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Access Control
Cashless Payment

Take your guest experience to the next level with game-changing event technology. With our full suite of RFID solutions, attendees only need one RFID wristband to access the event site, make convenient cashless payments, and engage with sponsored interactions. One single wristband does it all!

Learn how guests benefit from our proprietary Access Control, Cashless Payment, and Experiential solutions.


RFID wristband

Gain Fast Entry with Reduced Queue Time

  • Guests enter the event site and other designated areas faster with a quick scan of their wristband at our Access Control portals and handhelds, in comparison to paper tickets or barcode technology.

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Mysteryland USA Cashless

Benefit from Secure and Convenient Payment

  • Guests are able to quench their thirst and hunger faster with speedy transaction times and significantly reduced lineups. No more fumbling for cash and physical tokens, or waiting for debit and credit cards to process. Our closed-loop Cashless Payment system ensures payment transactions occur instantly with a simple double-tap of their RFID wristband at payment points.
  • Guests save time and money from not having to hit the ATM to make purchases on-site.
  • With RFID wristbands securely worn on their wrists, guests never need to worry about losing their entry access or digital wallet throughout the duration of an event.
  • All cashless transactions are recorded digitally in the system and sent via email notifications to registered guests for full transparency on what they’ve purchased.
  • Any leftover unspent credit is refunded back to the patron (subject to the event’s Refund Policy), so guests can top-up their contactless payment account without any worries.

Receive Relevant Offers and Content

  • Guests may receive promotional offers and exclusive content from vendors and organizers before, during and after the event, catered to the guest’s preferences.
  • Event organizers are able to leverage the audience data captured to improve future event content for returning guests including top products, vendors, artists, on-site activities and more.

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WayHome Festival

Engage with Fun and Interactive Brand Activations

  • Through highly engaging sponsored activities, guests have the opportunity to win prizes and share their fun and interactive experience with their social media networks, helping to generate brand buzz.
  • Guests can opt-in to obtain more information and exclusive offers from the brands they love and want to learn more about.

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