What types of RFID brand activations do you offer?

Intellitix offers plug-and-play brand activations integrated with RFID technology including:


• Photo booths

• Social media check-ins


We also work with event organizers and brand sponsors to deliver custom-tailored solutions including, but not limited to:


• GIF animated booths

• Scavenger hunts with multiple checkpoints

• Contests and instant giveaways

• Promotional offers and exclusive content

• Team support and voting polls

• Quizzes and feedback surveys

• Tasting list of food and drinks sampled

• Competitive games and live leaderboards

• Valet parking

• Utility rentals (such as smartphone battery chargers)

• Virtual reality (VR) headsets and balloon cameras

• And other custom brand activation solutions


Interested in deploying a custom RFID brand activation? Contact us.

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