What is Cashless Payment and how does it work?

Our Cashless Payment system operates in a similar manner to pre-paid cards, whereby guests pre-purchase digital event credit to load onto an RFID-enabled device (such as a wristband, card or lanyard). The RFID device acts as a key to access a guest’s unique Cashless account to pay for food, drinks and merchandise at the event without the direct use of cash or credit cards at vendor locations. Cashless Payment technology dramatically reduces wait times, not having to fumble for cash or wait for credit card transactions to process.


To make a purchase, guests tap their RFID device on a RFID reader located at each vendor stand to open a transaction. The order is then placed with the vendor staff. To confirm and close the transaction, guests are required to use the same wristband to tap a second time. The order amount will automatically be deducted from the guest’s account balance and recorded digitally in real-time in the system.


For more information, visit the Cashless Payment page.

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