Gain Control and Transparency

Access Control
Cashless Payment

RFID technology and contactless payment provide event organizers with unprecedented control and transparency of every guest touchpoint including patron entry and on-site spending at bars, concessions, merchandise tents and more. Discover how Access Control and Cashless Payment systems can help you gain control and enhance your event experience.


Intellitix Portals

Enhance Your Event Security

  • Intellitix’s advanced RFID Access Control platform eliminates ticket fraud and unauthorized resale of tickets, effectively securing your event site and protecting valid ticketholders.
  • Our robust Access Control portals can take on a massive influx of patrons, validating credential rights quickly and seamlessly for enhanced control and entry management.
  • Manage unlimited event zones and credential types (e.g. GA, VIP, staff, volunteer, artists, vendors, sponsors, catering and more) in a single platform with real-time capacity counts.

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IntelliPay Screen

Capture Real-Time Sales & Customer Data

  • Know exactly what items your guests purchase, at which vendor and POS terminal, and the exact time of day, recorded digitally down to the transactional level for full transparency and accuracy.
  • Combat theft and human error by minimizing cash handling and eliminating the need to count or weigh physical tokens.

Control Event Funds and Reconciliation

  • With contactless payment, event organizers are placed in the driver’s seat of the payment process with all incoming funds from top-up transactions flowing through to the event’s merchant account.
  • When the event is over, the organizer is in control of distributing funds to vendors for quick and simple reconciliation, as well as guest refunds for any leftover credit unused.

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