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September 2016: Maximus Festival 2016 (UOL – Portuguese/Português)

September 2016: Tech In The City: Smart Ticketing With Intellitix (Windsor Star)

September 2016: How UEFA & The Ryder Cup Increased Sponsor Engagement with RFID (SoccerEx)

September 2016: The RFID Tipping Point (Access All Areas)

July 2016: Why Food Festivals Need RFID (Food Festival Finder UK)

July 2016: You will have a better chance of getting into San Diego Comic-Con next year (Bleeding Cool)

July 2016: The future of Toronto music festivals is cash-free (BlogTO)

July 2016: Windsor-Essex Harvest Festival Gets TECHIE! (WEtech Alliance)

July 2016: At music festivals, cashless is all the rage (

June 2016: Bordeaux Fête le Vin : déjà de la folie pour ce 1er jour de fréquentation (Aquitaine – French/Français)

June 2016: Bordeaux Wine Festival marks 10th anniversary with Intellitix (Festival Insights)

June 2016: Electric Castle Festival Going Cashless For 2016 (Access All Areas)

June 2016: Intellitix Joins Forces with Electric Castle Festival to Deploy Cashless Payment Technology (Event Industry News)

June 2016: Bordeaux fête le vin 2016 : 500 000 visiteurs attendus (Sud Ouest – French/Français)

May 2016: My Event World – Serge Grimaux (Event Magazine UK)

May 2016: En Festival, Le Cashless Gagne Du Credit (TRAX Magazine – French/Français)

April 2016: Intellitix returns for Snowbombing 2016 (Festival Insights)

April 2016: Intellitix returns for Snowbombing 2016 (Event Industry News)

April 2016: Access at Snowbombing Festival (Access All Areas)

April 2016: Pulseira que vale como dinheiro: melhor festival! (Radio Jovem Pan – Portuguese/Português)

April 2016: Top 10 RFID Brand Activations for Sporting Events (SportsPro Media)

April 2016: Behind the SDCC Scenes: Intellitix Brings RFID to WonderCon and SDCC Attendees (SDCC Unofficial Blog)

March 2016: O homem que quer matar o dinheiro (Farofafá – Portuguese/Português)

March 2016: Access Control Management Talking Events Podcast Episode 26 (Event Industry News)

March 2016: OK Computer – Where will the next wave of technology take festivals? (Event Industry News)

March 2016: Seabreeze Jazz Festival Celebrates Smooth Jazz, White Sands, and “Fun” in Panama City Beach, FL (PR Web)

March 2016: Cashless Payments Will Make 2016’s Festivals Better Than Ever (Tech Week Europe)

February 2016: Festivals et Cashless, Premiers Retours d’Expérience (Coulisses – French/Français)

February 2016: Intellitix scoop “Best Technology Provider” at the Event Production Awards (PanStadia & Arena Management Magazine)

February 2016: Events Industry Celebrates at 2016 Event Production Awards (Access All Areas)

February 2016: The Global War on Cash: Cashless economies, NIRP and capital controls (TruNews)

February 2016: Intellitix honoured at Event Production Awards (Music Week)

February 2016: Lattitude, Intellitix Among Event Production Awards Winners (IQ Magazine)

February 2016: Los Festivales EDM Abrazan las Pulseras RFID y la Tecnología Cashless PAra Una Experiencia Única (DJ Magazine – Spanish/Español)

February 2016: What’s on the Horizon for RFID Technology? (Arts Management & Technology Laboratory)

January 2016: Intellitix Invests for European Cashless Revolution (TPI Magazine)

January 2016: Le dernier spectacle de David Bowie (La Presse – French/Français)

January 2016: Eurosonic Noorderslag 2016 (Festival Insights)

January 2016: Intellitix Hires (PollstarPro)

January 2016: Intellitix Confirms New Appointments (Music Week)

January 2016: 8 Event Predictions for 2016 From the Supplier’s Side (Event Industry News)

January 2016: Intellitix Invests for European Cashless Revolution (Festival Insights)

December 2015: Intellitix Celebrates Record Year (PollstarPro)

December 2015: Intellitix Invests for European Cashless Revolution (FestivalsLive)

December 2015: Intellitix to Deliver Cashless System at Swiss Festival (Music Week)

November 2015: Openair St. Gallen selects the cashless payment solution from Swisscom Event & Media Solutions and Intellitix (Swisscom)

November 2015: Cashless Payment Lösung für Openair St. Gallen (ESB Marketing Netzwerk – German/Deutsche)

October 2015: The Emergence of a Cashless Festival Landscape (IFEA’s ie: the Business of International Events)

October 2015: Can RFID technology do for fashion what it has done for music festivals (Information Age)

September 2015: Intellitix launches new tablet-based “IntelliPad” technology (Event Industry News)

September 2015: Cashless ticketing company Intellitix launches IntelliPad (Access All Areas)

September 2015: Taste of Atlanta uses Intellitix’s RFID Wristbands (Festival Insights)

September 2015: Taste of Atlanta enters its 14th year (Atlanta Magazine)

September 2015: Taste of Atlanta Dishes Our Intellitix RFID Wristband Technology for 2015 Festival (Atlanta CityBizList)

August 2015: Outside Lands Uses Intellitix to Make Wine Lands Area Cashless (PLSN Projection, Lights and Staging News)

August 2015: Country Music Festivals Saddle Up With RFID (Festival Insights)

August 2015: Country Music Festivals Saddle Up With RFID (Event Industry News)

August 2015: How Live Events Can Benefit From Digital (Digital Marketing Magazine)

August 2015: Outside Lands Feature (Festival Insights)

June 2015: Engagement is Key to Successful Sports Sponsorship (The Telegraph UK)

May 2015: RFID-enabled payment system to encore at Squamish Valley Music Festival (RFID Journal)

April 2015: Intellitix Reaches New Heights for Cashless Payments at Snowbombing (Festival Insights)

April 2015: Checklist: 11 Things Every Check-in Station Needs to Run Smoothly (BizBash)

March 2015: Winter Sports and Music Festival Snowbombing Goes Cashless (Music Week)

March 2015: Snowbombing to go Fully Cashless in 2015 (Festival Insights)

March 2015: Snowbombing Adopts Cashless Payment System (Access All Areas)

March 2015: Snowbombing Goes Cashless With Intellitix’s RFID (Field Marketing and Brand Experience)

March 2015: Un bracelet intelligent pour grands événements (ICI Radio Canada TV – French/Français)

March 2015: How Insomniac is Tapping Tech to Improve Fans Experience in 2015 (KaffeineBuzz)

February 2015: Why the cashless festival rocks: shrinking queues, no theft, bigger profits (TechRadar)

February 2015: Intellitix Makes Fast Company’s Top 10 Innovators List (Access All Areas)

February 2015: Intellitix Named Among World’s Most Innovative Companies Alongside Snapchat, SXSW (TechVibes)

February 2015: Fast Company Ranks Intellitix Within the World’s 10 Most Innovative Companies in 2015 for Live Events (Event Industry News)

February 2015: The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Live Events (Fast Company)

January 2015: Montreal-based Intellitix launches new wearable platform to create Smart Venues (Betatik)

January 2015: Montreal-based Intellitix launches new wearable platform to create Smart Venues (Now Digital Network)

January 2015: Montreal’s Intellitix introduces the InstaBand, a thermal transfer RFID wristband (TechVibes)

January 2015: Intellitix reports twentyfold increase in cashless transactions (Standout Magazine UK)

January 2015: Intellitix announces record year for cashless payments (Event Magazine UK)

January 2015: RFID-enabled Cashless Payments Skyrocket at Outdoor Events (RFID 24-7)

January 2015: 2014 a “Turning Point” Year for Cashless Technology (Event Industry News)

October 2014: RFID Boosts Fan Engagement at Ryder Cup (RFID 24-7)

September 2014: 6 Events Using RFID Technology to Improve the Guest Experience (BizBash)

August 2014: RFID vs. iBeacons: Which is better for event marketing? (Econsultancy)

August 2014: New technology to give Ryder Cup fans best experience ever (

August 2014: Ryder Cup invests in RFID fan technology (Leisure Opportunities)

August 2014: Ryder Cup introduces virtual “high-five” (Bunkered)

August 2014: Ryder Cup fans to benefit from innovative technology (Host City)

August 2014: Ryder Cup 2014 Golf Fans to Get Interactive Chips (The Scotsman)

August 2014: This RFID Wristband is how you’re going to buy food and drinks at Piknic Electronik (Canada Nightlife)

August 2014: Montreal’s Intellitix Helping Canadian Festivals go Cashless This Summer (Betakit)

August 2014: Squamish Festival Goes Fully Cashless for the First Time (Event Industry News)

August 2014: Squamish Festival Goes Fully Cashless with Intellitix (LSi Online)

July 2014: Intellitix Launches Whitepaper on RFID (Festival Insights)

June 2014: TrendWatch The Next Generation: Events shift their focus towards millennials (Event Magazine UK)

June 2014: Digital Dreams Music Festival: Gotta Love Those Wristbands (The Toronto Sun)

May 2014: Montreal startup Intellitix “cleaned up” Coachella ticketing problem (Betakit)

May 2014: How a Montreal startup cleaned up ticketing at Coachella (The Globe and Mail)

February 2014: Intellitix Inks Alliance for Swiss Market and Beyond (IQ Magazine)

February 2014: Bud Light Digital Dreams 2014 Makes Initial Artist Announcement (LessThan3)

February 2014: Electronic Nation Canada and Bud Light announce electronic dance music partnership to bring Bud Light Digital Dreams and Bud Light Brrrrr! to Canada (Digital Journal)

February 2014: Toronto’s Bud Light Digital Dreams Festival Begins Lineup Announcement (Raver Rafting)

February 2014: Cashless concerts in Toronto (CTV News)

February 2014: Toronto’s Digital Dreams Fest and its London Connection (The London Free Press)

January 2014: Intellitix becomes exclusive RFID provider for all events serviced by Swisscom Event & Media Solutions (Event Industry News)

January 2014: Mojo Barriers and Intellitix innovate at Eurosonic Noorderslag (Event Industry News)

July 2013: RFID Performs a Bigger Role at Bonnaroo Festival (RFID Journal)

July 2013: RFID Music to your brand’s ears? (Marketing Magazine)

July 2013: RFID and Cashless Payment: Intellitix Founder Not Interested in Ticketing (Hyperbot)

July 2013: Splendour introduces electronic wristbands (Tonedeaf Australia)

July 2013: Video – RFID Drives Harley Davidson Open Road Festival (RFID 24-7)

December 2012: Intellitix radio wave bracelet the next frontier in concert tickets (Toronto Star)

November 2012: Intellitix Launches in Australia (The Music Network)

November 2012: Intellitix opens in Australia (NFC World)

August 2012: Wheat Thins Fans Check In From Roller Coasters (Marketing Daily)

August 2012: Fancy waving goodbye to queues and hello to hassle-free festivals? (The Irish Times)

August 2012: A Flick of the Wrist: RFID Wristbands for Exhibitions (Exhibition News)

August 2012: Social Media Check-Ins at Major Music Festivals Signal Next Phase for RFID Wristbands (Hypebot)

August 2012: Adidas Olympic Parties Raise the Bar for RFID Integration (RFID 24-7)

July 2012: Roger Waters Tour Finale Features Record-Breaking Wall and Facebook Campaign (Rolling Stone)

July 2012: Roger Waters to use RFID to promote Amnesty International at Quebec Concert (RFID 24-7)

June 2012: Bonnaroo adds social media feature to RFID wristbands (Secure ID News)

May 2012: Coachella gets 30,000 fans to “live click” around festival, automatically link to social media (Billboard)

May 2012: RFID Technology Meets Music at Coachella (Vancouver Sun)

April 2012: 250K Concertgoers will wear RFID-enabled Wristbands at Bluesfest (RFID 24-7)

April 2012: Ottawa’s Royal Bank Bluesfest Adopts Innovative RFID Technology (RFID World)

April 2012: RFID Wristband Technology at Ottawa Bluesfest (Ottawa Citizen)

March 2012: Intellitix and Metapay strike deal to increase cashless services at festivals (Music Week)

March 2012: Intellitix and Metapay Combine for RFID-enabled Concert Tickets (RFID 24-7)

February 2012: Cashless Festivals Likely This Summer (Event Industry News)

January 2012: Microchipped ID wristbands heading for UK festivals (BBC)

January 2012: Eurosonic Noorderslag Attendees use RFID to Access Concerts, Workshops and Panels (RFID Journal)

December 2011: The end of long lines, scalping, cash? Intellitix looks to revolutionize live music biz (Billboard)

December 2011: Ticketfly partnership makes music events more intelligent and more social (Venture Beat)

November 2011: RFID festival technology set to rollout for 2012 European festival season (Event Industry News)

November 2011: 85,000 Happy Fans at New York’s Electric Zoo Music Festival (The Huffington Post)

November 2011: More than 1M concertgoers wore RFID wristbands this summer (RFID 24-7)

June 2011: Coachella 2011 Through My Lens (The Huffington Post)

April 2011: Festival of the Future (Now Toronto)

April 2011: Coachella 2011 – We come because it’s a gathering of the tribes (Los Angeles Times)

April 2011: Coachella music festival’s high-tech ticketing (Examiner)

April 2011: Coachella’s upgrades are working nicely (Los Angeles Times)

April 2011: RFID wristbands start to take off (Festival Insights)