Regarded by many as the “Greatest Show on Snow”, Snowbombing is a week-long whirlwind of world-class DJs and winter sports in the picturesque alpine setting of Mayrhofen, Austria. Snowbombing organizer, Broadwick Live, teamed up with Intellitix for two consecutive years to implement Cashless Payment technology and Access Control management using RFID wristbands across the festival site, maximizing their guest event experience at every turn.

Their Challenge

1. RFID Signal in the Austrian Alps
Snowbombing’s unique outdoor location in the middle of the Austrian Alps posed a challenge for network connectivity to span across the entire event site without the use of cables.

2. Temporary Pop-Up Venues
Snowbombing events occurred in both permanent locations and temporary pop-up venues (including the Street Party and Forest Party). This required the deployment of the Access Control and Cashless Payment systems to occur within a short time span.

3. Increasing Cashless Top-Up Numbers
To fully benefit from the convenience of contactless payments using RFID wristbands, it was important to educate patrons prior to entering the festival so they could readily adopt Cashless Payment technology and top-up funds in advance.

Our Intellitix Approach

With the winter sports and music festival going 100% cashless for the first time, Broadwick Live had several event objectives they wanted to achieve. Some of these included: providing a fast and secure payment processing solution for guests to make hassle-free purchases on-site, increasing on-site revenue, gaining valuable audience insight and vendor transparency, as well as securing the event site to eliminate ticket fraud and passbacks. These event objectives were met with the need to have a robust RFID technology system that could endure and operate in extreme cold, wet weather.

To ensure full signal coverage across the entire event site, Intellitix positioned an RFID antenna 1,250m above Mayrhofen. This gave a faultless signal reach spanning a massive 15K and 125° radius that powered the Cashless Payment and Access Control systems below, even through an unexpected blizzard! Intellitix’s proprietary Cashless Payment technology also operates on a closed-loop, sever-connected system, ensuring maximum up-time across Snowbombing without any interruptions to guest cashless transactions.

To overcome the challenge of temporary venues, Intellitix maintained the set-up of Access Control and Cashless systems in permanent venues, but also continuously built and took down one-night temporary venues, working around the clock to ensure delivery of a world class event experience.

To fully leverage the Cashless Payment platform and ensure seamless adoption of the RFID technology, Intellitix worked alongside Snowbombing to implement a consistent communications plan regarding all things cashless through the use of multiple marketing channels (website, blog, newsletter, social media, and PR) leading up to the festival. To boost on-site spending, guests were incentivized further to top-up their cashless accounts in advance for their chance to win amazing prizes and swag, pre-sale tickets to future events, and bonus monetary incentives.

Once on-site at the festival, guests simply tapped their RFID wristbands to access the festival and make fast and secure cashless purchases for food, drinks, and merchandise. The results were outstanding with record top-up numbers and rates. With the successful implementation of Intellitix’s Access Control and Cashless Payment technology, ‘Snowbombers’ were able to enjoy more of the heart-pumping music, and of course, the snow!

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Our Event Success

The location was a challenge, but Intellitix provided fantastic support. The pre-loaded cashless top-up levels from customers were better than expected, as was the ease with which customers took to RFID technology. The customer data we have gathered from this is also incredible, and now that we have tried the Cashless Payment system once, I don’t foresee us not using it again at Snowbombing. In fact, we’re now keen to develop this further, as well as looking to roll it out at other Broadwick Live events.

Alexander Bennett - Director, Broadwick Live

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