RFID Technology Meets Music at Coachella

As published by: Celeste Moure, Vancouver Sun (2012-05-15)

If 160,000 fans attend a music festival but no one online knows about it, did they really go?

For the first time in the festival world, registered ticket holders at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival were able to check in and update their status on Facebook as well as ‘Like’ performances by simply using their high-tech wristbands at various touch points, or portals, positioned at key areas around the festival site.

This marked the second year that Coachella partnered with Montreal-based Intellitix, a global provider of RFID access control and cashless payment systems for live events. But the 2012 festival was the first time that fans keen on sharing their experience with friends online could sign up for the Live Click service by registering their wristbands at Coachella.com. Upon arrival to the festival grounds, RFID entrance portals that validated each wristband let registered users automatically check in on Facebook.

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