Event POS

Event POS

A Cashless Payment System Starting At 2.9%

Accept cashless payments at your next event. Eliminate the pain and risks of cash handling, while increasing revenue, and reducing lines.

Trusted by leading events globally — over $2 billion securely processed.


Why Intellitix Event POS

Increase per cap spending using our Lightweight and Flexible Event POS for Cashless Payments

Intellitix's Event POS let's events of all sizes and types go cashless and be their own merchant.  Regardless of which option of deployment you choose (RFID wristbands or using our Mobile Application for QR Codes) we will help increase revenue at your event by reducing friction and increase per cap spending, and funds are sent directly to you.

Pricing starts at only 2.9% of spending.

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Eliminate cash handling at your event

Less cash handling on-site means fewer opportunities for loss or theft, as well as a painless reconciliation process after the event.

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Increase per person spending by 35%

Events see an average of 35% increase (as high as 70% in some cases) in on-site spending with Intellitix's cashless payments platform, as well as a reduction in operating costs compared to other systems.

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Reduce wait times by 6x

With the Intellitix cashless system, transaction times are reduced from 90 seconds per purchase, down to an average of 15 seconds — meaning your guests spend a lot less time waiting in line.

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Grow your event with real-time data

Understand your event guest spending habits, improve your sales, and offer more value to your event sponsors and partners.


Receive your funds right away

Being the merchant means the funds are going directly into your account. You don’t need to wait for us to send you funds or settle the event. Pay your vendors back day of event.

Learn How Intellitix Can Increase Your Event Revenue

How it Works

Going Cashless At Your Next Event Is Easier Than You Think!

Intellitix is flexible, easy to use, and we guide you every step of the way to help you meet your goals. Whether you want to eliminate cash handling by vendors, or if you're looking to increase event earnings, Intellitix can help!

Step One

Choose how you want your guests to pay.

Intellitix does not limit you to one medium of cashless payment. Decide how your guests will pay: using RFID wristbands or badges, QR codes on smartphones, credit cards, and/or a combination.

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Step Two

Get affordable rentals

Intellitix can rent you state of the art hardware!

Step Three

Patrons use event tokens or link their credit or debit card

Event producers can decide what is best for their events guests  Intellitix runs either closed-loop or open-loop cashless payments on our Event POS. In simplified terms, that means you get to choose between 1) guests using funds that they have put into their account (via credit or debit card) to draw from or 2) linking their credit card or debit card to their account and each transaction goes to your card. The cashless Event POS can run in any mode.


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Step Four

Manage all payments, guests, and vendors from one place

Manage vendors, measure sales performance, use customer service tools, and do your post-event reconciliations from one place. No more lost data, back-and-forth, or guesswork — just fast and transparent reporting on all your transactions.

Get in Touch to Learn More

Looking To Learn More About Our Cashless Payment Platform?

We've helped 1000s of unique events go cashless.

Let us know a little bit about your event, and we'll advise about the best set up options.

What Cashless Payments Cost

Event Cashless Payments Starting At 2.9% Of Spend

Want to offset the fees? Our team of event experts can help advise on best practices for offsetting fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

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