All-in-One Event Technology Platform: Cashless Sales, Access Control, Ticketing, Event Management and Insights

Intellitix offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline your event management. From ticket creation and sales to seamless ticket scanning at entry points, our platform covers it all.

Our Intellitix Cashless POS system empowers you to facilitate cashless transactions and efficiently sell items during the event, enhancing the attendee experience while optimizing revenue generation. With Intellitix, you have everything you need to run your next event smoothly and successfully.


Intellitix Mobile

One App For Your Attendees To Buy Tickets, Enter, And Purchase Items.

Intellitix provides attendees with a seamless experience through our user-friendly mobile app. With the app, attendees can conveniently purchase tickets, gain entry to the event, manage their cashless payment methods, and make on-site purchases, all in one place. Simplify the event experience for your attendees with the Intellitix mobile app.

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Intellitix  FOS

Use Intellitix FOS To Sell And Scan Tickets, As A Point-Of-Sale, And More.

The Intellitix FOS App Runs On IOS And Android Devices As Well As Most Payment Terminals You Might Already Have. This One App Allows You To Run Your Entire Event From Either Your Own, Or Purpose-Built Devices. It's Your Box Office, Your Ticket Scanner, Your Customer Service Station, Point-Of-Sale, And Even Provides Real-Time Reporting On Attendance And Sales. (CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE)

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