All-In-One Ticketing, Access Control, And Cashless Payments Starting At 2.9%

✓ Increase event patron spending by 46% on average when you deploy an all-in-one platform.

✓ Use RFID wristbands, QR codes via your smartphone or and/or credit cards to accept cashless payments at your event.

✓ Get the expertise of an event partner that has deployed at the world's largest festivals and processed $1B in patron payments to date.



When You Use Intellitix's Event Management Platform

You get an all-inclusive system that helps you simplify your ticket sales, improve the guest experience with fast access control, and generate more revenue with cashless payments — all for one rate!

That means you also get:

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Flexible, Easy-to-Use Online Ticketing

✓ Included with Intellitix's all-in-one event platform.

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Integrated Access Control and RFID

Get patrons into your event quickly using printed tickets, mobile ticket scans, RFID wristbands, or a combination.
✓ Included with Intellitix's all-in-one event platform.

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Integrated cashless Payments using our Event POS

Increase patron spending, eliminate long queues, and automate your post-event reconciliation with cashless payments.
✓ Included with Intellitix's all-in-one event platform.

What would you like to achieve at your event?

Sell event tickets online, or at your event

Sell Tickets Online and/or onsite at Box Office

Use RFID Wristbands or our Mobile application for Cashless Payments

Take Credit Card or Debit Cards for card present transactions

Unlimited Custom Ticket Types

Advanced Access Control (GA, VIP)

Multi-Day Event Tickets

Unlimited Number of Event Vendors

Lighting-fast Post-Event Reconciliation

Custom Registration Questions

Upsell At Checkout

Robust Reporting

All-in-one Ticketing + Cashless Payments

Built With Your Event In Mind

40+ million event attendee experiences improved

Music Festivals

Food Festivals

Beer Festivals


Sports Events

Street Fairs

Esports Events

Wine Festivals

Cultural Fairs

Small Functions

Why Intellitix?

Intellitix is the easiest way to run cashless payments, sell tickets and manage access from one platform.


Step One

Sell tickets with Intellitix, or use one of our 20+ integrations

Intellitix's platform lets you stay in control. If you're looking for a ticketing platform, our flexible system helps you set up a ticketing sales widget quickly!

Already have a ticketing provider? No problem. Keep your existing ticketing software and deploy Intellitix's cashless payments and access control through one of our 20+ integrations.

Step Two

Choose how you want your patrons to pay

Intellitix does not limit you to one medium of cashless payment. Decide how your patrons will pay: using RFID wristbands or badges, smartphones, printed QR code, credit cards, and/or a combination.

Illustration showing the customizability of cashless payments at events including mobile payments, QR codes, RFID wristbands, and credit cards.

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601c295d823668ab90cfe554_A920 Used for CrowdBlink Event Technology Cashless Payments-650

Step Three

Use mobile hardware you already own, or get affordable rentals

Have nothing more than the smartphone in your hand? You can still run a cashless event. Intellitix works out-of-the-box on tablets and smartphones for QR code and RFID deployments.

Need hardware help? Let us know and Intellix will supply you with devices for as low as $40/week.

Step Four

Patrons create an account and will either top-up that account or link their credit card.

Intellitix runs either closed-loop or open-loop* cashless payments. In simplified terms, that means you get to choose between 1) patrons having stored value in their account that they draw funds from, or 2) linking their credit card to their account and every transaction goes through the credit card on file.

601b2d00b4d966f8f81cc780_Closed Loop or Open Loop
601c35e138abae953679a39c_CrowdBlink Cashless Payment Software Running on a Computer

Step Five

Manage all tickets, payments, guests, and vendors from one place

Invite vendors, measure sales performance, report on customer segments, and do your post-event reconciliations from one place. No more lost data, back-and-forth, or guesswork — just fast and transparent reporting on all your transactions.

What Intellitix's All-In-One System Costs

Starting At 2.9% Of Spend, Minimum Fee Of 50¢ Per Person

Whether you're using ticketing, cashless, or both, your fee starts at 2.9% of what you've processed. Want to offset the fees? Estimate your spend per head, and pass on the fees to each patron during ticket purchase.

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