Marc-Andre Simard, SVP Operations at Intellitix spoke with RFID Journal to discuss how Playa Luna, one of Intellitix’s longtime partners, leverages RFID wristband for hotel and concert access.

When music fans sign up for a destination event with Playa Luna, they are acquiring access to see their favorite bands in a relatively intimate venue at a resort location.

This access is obtained through a single RFID wristband that provides guests access to the shows, their hotel room and related features. These winter events, which will be going for sale beginning in the coming weeks for 2025, leverage RFID-enabled access from Intellitix.

This is the event and hospitality company’s tenth season, and it has been leveraging its Intellitix system since its inception, said Andrew Clements, Playa Luna’s operation and production SVP.

Read more about Playa Luna’s expertise in RFID enabled access control to create an enhanced onsite experience for their guests. Also hear from our own Marc-Andre Simard about the intricacies behind the RFID technology that powers the experience for Playa Luna.

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