Long gone are the days when purchasing ad space was the biggest step in getting your message out. Digital marketing—online advertisements, email campaigns, social media, content, and online branding—has become a data-driven science. And, in a hugely competitive market like live events, your business depends on your ability to keep up with trends and strike a balance.

But for some events, digital marketing can be a daunting task. There is an ever-increasing and perpetually changing number of avenues to reach your audience, but without a strong and diversified strategy, it’s easy to get flustered and blow your budget on ineffectual marketing channels. 

Download: Intellitix’s Digital Marketing for Live Events Guide

Our Digital Marketing for Live Events Guide comes at pivotal moment. Marketers and publishers were spooked at the beginning of 2018 as Facebook announced that it would be making important changes to its News Feed which appears to be a death knell for organic reach for business pages. Meanwhile data continues to drive decisions on every level, and great content continues to spearhead messaging and set events aside from one another in the online space.


This is the era of placing the right ad in front of the right user at the right time, and we have never had so much rich data and information to inform every penny spent.

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But away from the myriad of tools, techniques and avenues for audience growth that exist, knowing what makes your event unique and learning how to amplify that in your messaging is hugely important.

“People aren’t just buying a ticket to an event,” says Milan Malivuk, Intellitix’s director of marketing. “They’re buying the experience—the friendships they’ll create, the music they’ll hear, the food they’ll eat. If you’re not showcasing that in your digital marketing campaign, you’ve missed the mark.

In our Digital Marketing For Live Events Guide we breakdown vital topics such social media, audience segmentation, p2p marketing and influencers, and offer tips from some of the leading event marketing specialists in the world.

In the coming months, we’ll be looking at some of the key points and tips highlighted in the Digital Marketing For Live Events Guide. We’ll call on the expertise of some of the industry’s leading digital marketing specialists and put these techniques under the magnifying glass, and offer tangible tips and step-by-step guides to tackling some of the most

Download Intellitix’s Digital Marketing for Live Events Guide here.