The State of Live 2017/2018 is Intellitix’s inaugural in-depth report on the event industry. You can download your copy here.

The live event industry is in a perpetual state of growth, but that has never been more apparent than in the past year. From a myriad of emerging tech solutions to longstanding problems, to evolving challenges in security and surveillance, the global live event industry continues to rapidly develop and seek ways to deliver better customer experiences.

Being a key partner in some of the world’s most successful events, we feel a responsibility to continue driving innovation in both our product and service. Our success depends on the success of our partners, and this year we decided to engage our global network of fans and event producers in a discussion about the industry in order to gain insight into how it is evolving and changing.

The result of this discussion is the State of Live 2017/2018: our first in-depth report on the event industry. We surveyed broad cross-section of attendees and event organizers to gain unprecedented insight into the best practices of our industry, and unearthed some compelling data that will be applicable to any event producer.

“Our aim in publishing the inaugural State of Live report is to develop a data-driven profile of the live event industry and its attendees,” writes Intellitix’s CEO Carlo Chiarello in the report’s opening letter. “By comparing the event producer and the attendees perspectives, we sought to establish a benchmark for events to compare themselves against their peers, and to gain insight into the strategies that are generating ticket sales, increasing revenue, and driving innovation.”

In the State of Live you will find:

  • Rich insights and personal accounts of the fan experience
  • Comparisons between what the event organizers think and the fans really feel
  • Tangible tips, techniques and expert spotlights to deploy this data effectively


In conducting this broad report on the event industry, we discovered that budgets and attendances are up (particularly in North America), that email marketing is considerably more effective than event producers think it is, and that fans really hate waiting in line as much as we think they do!

“I am confident that we will see more exciting innovation driving the long-term health and prosperity of our industry in 2018,” Chiarello continues. “We are wholly committed to spearheading that innovation with our platform and are currently developing the next generation of solutions to delight attendees and deliver our event partners with the crucial business insights they need.”

You can download Intellitix’s State of Live here.