The happy marriage between sports and science continues to accelerate the performance of athletes across the world. As coaches and sports scientists push for technological innovation in training camps, we’re starting to see RFID play a key role in delivering the necessary data needed to optimize training regimes and prepare athletes for the highest level.

Last summer, Intellitix partnered with RBC Training Ground, a talent scouting and funding program designed to uncover athletes with Olympic potential and provide them with the resources they need to achieve their goal. RBC looked to Intellitix to deliver an RFID solution to better track the performance of athletes and easily integrate the results and data into their CRM system.

This is one of the most exciting applications of Intellitix’s technology. Not only does it harness real-time data and expand the scope of experiential RFID, but it also plays a role in the development of talented young athletes across Canada.

What RBC Training Ground Needed

“RBC Training Ground was looking for an innovative and seamless solution to track each athlete’s performance at various events across Canada, easily share all athlete data with multiple stakeholders, and automatically deliver training insights to the participants,” explains Peter Machalek, Intellitix’s Director of Brand Partnerships.

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In order to monitor performance and to increase competitiveness, RBC required a bespoke “athlete performance tracker” built for Android tablets, which was powered by Intellitix’s RFID technology and wristbands. RBC also required a detailed post-event performance report for each athlete, which utilized the data gathered during the session.

Given that there were five standalone events across Canada, it was also essential that there was a synchronicity to the process and an ease of implementation across a variety of venues.

What Intellitix Did

Over a series of five single-day events across Canada, Intellitix deployed an RFID solution to track and monitor the performance of athletes at the RBC Training Ground.

When they arrived onsite, athletes registered their profiles and were given athletic silicone RFID wristbands. Intellitix worked with the venue to establish a series of zones, each of which had coaches with NFC tablets scanning wristbands as the athletes completed each competition.

The competitive results were attached to each athlete’s profile when they scanned their RFID wristbands on the coaches’ devices. Results were displayed on a leaderboard and online, so participants could track their performance compared to their peers as well as to seasoned Olympic athletes.

Post-event, Intellitix automatically delivered a summary of the athlete’s performance to RBC and their affiliated Olympic partners. The report highlighted performance, aggregated data and gave insights into key areas of improvement, as well as recommended training exercises from the Canadian Olympic Committee based on results specific to each athlete.

“We strive to improve the participant’s experience in any event atmosphere, and using RFID to optimize the athlete’s competition process was an excellent application of our technology. Working with a premier brand like RBC on an innovative and beneficial program for Canada’s next generation of Olympic athletes was very exciting for our team,” said Peter. “We’re looking forward to expanding on this application and helping more state-of-the-art sports facilities integrate RFID into their training programs.”

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