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Introducing CrowdBlink Protect, COVID-19 screening for businesses and events

By Carlo Chiarello May 26, 2020
In the immediate response to COVID-19, we’ve seen industries rapidly re-tool to help the fight against COVID-19, whether it was breweries switching to producing hand…

Niche Food Festivals That Have Cornered Their Market

By Tom Kacicki March 5, 2020
The recent trend of boutique music festivals popping up all over North America may be taking the headlines, but in the world of food and…

How Coronavirus Affects Live Events: Word From Intellitix

By Matas Pranckevicius February 13, 2020
The coronavirus outbreak has some in the events industry worried. While it’s best not to be alarmist, it’s also important to understand what’s happening so…

Intellitix acquires majority stake in “mobile-first” event platform, CrowdBlink

By Matas Pranckevicius January 29, 2020
TORONTO, Ontario - Intellitix Technologies Inc., the company behind RFID access control and cashless payments technology used at Tomorrowland, BlizzCon, San Diego Comic-Con, and others,…

7 Festivals with an Eco-Friendly Focus

By Tom Kacicki January 23, 2020
Over the past decade, many festivals have been striving to cut their emissions and become more sustainable environmentally. This is in part a result of…

How Millennials Respond to Events That Take a Stand: The Data

By Matas Pranckevicius January 23, 2020
As we noted in our 2020 event trend roundup, event sustainability will continue to have a bigger influence in how events are organized and promoted…

20 Event Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

By Matas Pranckevicius January 16, 2020
Are you already planning this year’s meetings and events? With the meeting and event industry always changing, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest…

Want an Engaging Event? Start with Audiovisuals

By Malik Anderson November 26, 2019
Audiovisuals is one of those things that isn’t fully appreciated until it’s gone. That isn’t to say that it’s overlooked, but that it’s tough to…

MASTERCLASS: StreetTeam Co-Founder Explains the Immense Value of Advocacy

By Tom Kacicki October 31, 2019
One thing that should never be forgotten in the event industry is that festivals are social gatherings for groups of people. Your event isn’t 50,000…

Intellitix and IMM Announce Joint Venture in Brazil

By Tom Kacicki August 7, 2019
Intellitix has partnered with IMM to create Intellitix Brazil in order to introduce revolutionary technology and other services to the Brazilian event market. SAO PAULO…
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