Intellitix Proudly Commits to Customer Success with New VP Appointment

Jon Zifkin has been the driving force behind developing and implementing this ethos. As Intellitix’s newly promoted VP of Global Customer Success, Zifkin has been working hands-on with our new and existing employees to instill a conscious awareness about the importance of client satisfaction.

“I work with all the departments within Intellitix to ensure that there is a sense of ownership over the customer’s success,” Jon explains. “We’re not just talking about the Customer Success or Sales teams. We believe that even developers, the HR staff, the CEO, everyone at the company has a key role to play in the success of the customer. I believe that this needs to be a company-wide obsession.”

Originally joining Intellitix in February 2015, Zifkin brought in a wealth of experience heading up business development and customer success teams in the tech sector, and his impact on our client relations and satisfaction was felt immediately. “We started by asking what success really meant to our client,” he starts. “Does it mean revenue growth? Does it mean operational improvements? Does it mean more reliability and accountability? Chances are it means all of that and more. So we really started at the very beginning and made fundamental changes to the way we approached our business in order to address these event objectives.”

“In the event world—whether you’re running a sporting event, a music festival, a conference, a food and beverage event—there is an inordinate amount of moving parts,” says Zifkin. “And when we disrupt the status quo with new technologyit has to be highly coordinated and expertly planned. That’s the biggest part of the Customer Success mission: it’s going to touch every aspect of our operation and a sizeable portion of the event operation.”

Intellitix’s status as a B2B2C company presents a deeper fundamental responsibility for delivering a successful product, and Zifkin felt that if his ethos was going to be successful, he would have to “understand everything we do from the ground up.”

“If we can deliver a flawless Intellitix event from end to end, we will become an indispensable part of the event’s team. We have an obligation to our clients to help them serve their fans. And once we have that trust established, we can work together to provide a world-class Customer Success experience,” Zifkin said.]]>

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