Intellitix Zero – Business Model for the Modern Festival

What is Intellitix Zero?Intellitix is the world-leading provider of RFID solutions for festivals and events, delivering a fully immersive RFID environment including access control, cashless payments, and brand activations.The demand for cashless payment is on the rise and Intellitix is at the forefront of this technology providing security, speed, and convenience in a single RFID device.So what is Intellitix Zero? Read on to learn the cost-saving and revenue-generating benefits gained from deploying our cashless payment solution.

  • Zero is what Intellitix technology will cost you to install our market-leading and fully road-tested cashless payment system at your event.
  • Zero is what our access control service costs when used in conjunction with our cashless payment system.
  • Zero is the Intellitix guaranteed amount of down time our system will experience. Multiple layers of system redundancy and offline functionality make our system completely reliable in any environment.
  • Zero is the amount of time wasted. Transaction times and queues are cut to a minimum thanks to our patented approach to cashless payments.
  • Zero is the number of dissatisfied vendors you will face when they experience an increase in spend per head by a minimum of 15% due to reduced queues.
  • Zero is the amount of data lost across all transactions happening on your event site, giving you complete control and transparency on spending behavior.
Contact us now to learn more about how Intellitix RFID solutions can improve your event experience, substantially increase revenues, and drive significant efficiencies.]]>

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