cashless payment system – Intellipay – which allows transactions to take place in a fraction of the time, improves security, reduces theft, and allows complete transparency for vendors.In addition, Intellitix will be providing access control systems in all venues around town and at the Oosterpoort, allowing delegates and public ticket holders to come and go in a fraction of a second with a single flick of the wrist. In addition to this, Intellitix will be repeating its Where Was I Last Night email service which sends each professional delegate a daily summary of all the bands they saw including photos, biogs and artist management contact details.In the main conference venue itself, delegates will be using Intellitix RFID technology not just to access the space via Intellitix portals, but to access exclusive panel content in many of the meeting rooms. This digital content is available just by swiping an RFID wristband close to an Intellitix touchpoint located in the panel rooms.Keynote speakers at the 2014 conference, include: Mark Yovich (President Ticketmaster International), Folkert Koopmans (FKP Scorpio), and Lucy Dickins (ITB). RFID wristbands improve event security, not just for the organisers but for attendees.]]>

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