Live event tech has had an undeniable impact on the evolution of the industry. From the widespread integration of the cell phone to RFID adoption and management software which gives stunning levels of oversight, the past decade has seen the sector advance in leaps and bounds.

But it seems like we’re just getting started. In this article, we’ll look at some existing live event tech that is continuing to drive innovation and a myriad of emerging trends that are coming down the pipeline.


We have covered Facebook’s algorithm changes extensively this year and have pinpointed it as being a key moment that live event marketing would take a dramatic shift. That being said, chatbots via Facebook Messenger still offer a lot of potential, particularly for getting traction on major announcements.

Primarily used as a mechanism to effectively and quickly answer customer queries, we’re looking forward to seeing the bots being used by festivals to drop their lineups—particularly given that they have a 98% open rate and could potentially be the best way to subvert the restrictions coming from Facebook’s algorithm.

Smarter Event Apps


Apps have become a crucial part of every major live event. Festivals, conferences, trade shows and sporting events have all been developing bespoke smart phones apps for years, but the next wave of technology in this sector promises to be considerably more than a digital version of the paper guide.

Companies like Aloompa, Greencopper, and Appmiral have been doing excellent work in the festival space. Pathable and Presdo Match have the conference space on lockdown, while DoubleDutch has been the big name in the consumer event sector.

We’ve been particularly impressed by Aloompa. The Nashville-based start-up has been gleaning increasingly interesting data from their widely used FestApp platform, and their integration with beacon technology is producing really compelling insights for detail-driven festival producers looking for growth in the 1’s and 0’s.



Playing a hand in security via Access Control, transactions via Cashless Payments and marketing via Experiential, the widespread integration of RFID has been arguably the biggest technological development in the live event space in the past decade.

With a host of applications and benefits derived from a singular piece of lightweight, easy-to-use tech, it’s no wonder that RFID has become an integral element of events of all sizes and the platform driving the industry’s embrace of big data. In the coming years, expect to see mandatory RFID registration become the norm as events look to build profiles on all attendees and get better insight into who’s coming to their events.

For those still scratching their heads about the features and benefits of RFID, check out our 4-Step RFID Event Check Guide.

Live Streaming

Bridging the gap between the on-site and off-site experience is a crucial element of brand integration into live events, and few channels offer that path like live streaming.

At the time of writing, Facebook Live is still delivering strong organic engagement, and other event verticals like conferences are coming live in a bid to expand their audience reach far beyond the confines of the event site.

Through channels like Boiler Room, Mixmag Lab and Be-At TV, the electronic music scene has widely embraced live streaming and was able to integrate major brands like Corona, Budweiser, Smirnoff and Ray-Ban. Electric Zoo and EDC have also experimented with using Facebook Live to announce their lineups.

Expect to see more experimentation with live streaming announcements as long as organic engagement is high.


While still very much in its fledgling stages and somewhat outshone by VR, the integration of AR into the live event tech space is something to keep a close eye on.

Coachella quietly demoed a cute augmented reality experiment last year which allowed fans to get a glimpse of a fun digital rendering of the festival site with their wristband package. This year they are back again with a significantly more sophisticated offering which should give you an indication of where we’re heading, particularly given the Californian monolith’s trailblazer status.

We have heard rumblings that AEG is actively exploring novel ways to integrate AR into the festival experience, with some major opportunities for brands to muscle in and get that highly prized engagement.

Mark our words, this is coming… 

Credential Management Software


“There is nothing more important than access control and the only way to have real control is through a legitimate and fool proof accreditation system,” explains Chad Ladov, founder of surveillance firm Unified Command and frequent Intellitix contributor.

Our friends at Lennd have been hard at work developing a powerful credential management system that is designed to manage the access infrastructure of major festivals and live events and give you a better vantage point of who’s going where.

With reports from the UK of “fake security” scams and heavily publicized attempts to breach high profile sporting events, it has never been more important to take extra precautions to safeguard your event and better manage your credentials.

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