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Revenue Growth Tips From the World’s Biggest Music Festival

By Milan Malivuk June 26, 2019
In this article, we look at how Tomorrowland, one of the world’s biggest and most iconic events, has continued to improve the guest experience and drive…

Learn How to Avoid Digital Ticket Fraud at Festivals

By Milan Malivuk February 6, 2018
Ticket fraud at festivals is costing fans millions of hard-earned dollars in losses, and in today’s market, digital tickets have become an integral part of…

[Updated] 12 Engaging Brand Activation Ideas to Boost Event Sponsorship

By Milan Malivuk January 30, 2018
Michael Ilves, LA-based brand activation specialist that has worked with some of America's largest festival properties. The very best brand activations integrate seamlessly into the…

6 Simple Ways to Get More From Your On-Site Activations

By Milan Malivuk January 27, 2018
building their fan base and capturing consumer data. Nowadays that means creating diverse and engaging on-site activations that go far beyond the norm. That’s where…

The Evolution of The Live Event Budget in 2018

By Milan Malivuk January 26, 2018
Any event producer will tell you that exacting a live event budget is a headache. Doing it well is so important to your success yet…

Why You Need a Winning Content Strategy For Your Activation

By Milan Malivuk December 29, 2017
You need to have a diverse content strategy for your activation. We all know that things move at a fiberoptic pace in the world of…

These 5 International Festival Brands Are Conquering Brazil

By Milan Malivuk November 9, 2017
Alongside awakening giants India, China and Southeast Asia, Brazil is the next major territory for globally inclined festival brands. With a burgeoning homegrown market and…

5 Things Everyone Hates About Festivals (And How You Can Avoid Them)

By Milan Malivuk November 2, 2017
Most festival attendees approach their big weekend expecting a perfect utopia of music, friends, food, and absolutely no hassles whatsoever. Rarely does it quite pan…

Why 80% of Concert Goers Feel Ripped Off By Ticket Scalpers

By Milan Malivuk October 31, 2017
It seems that there are few issues in the live music scene as widely condemned as ticket scalping. The contentious market is estimated to be…

How RFID Technology is Improving Fan Expos

By Milan Malivuk October 27, 2017
Cons have been gradually catching up to the major advances in event technology, adapting some of the best practices from fellow large-scale events like major…
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