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UK Music Industry Sees 12% Rise in Audiences at Live Events

By Milan Malivuk July 14, 2017
UK Music reveals that the UK live event industry is thriving with audiences for concerts and festivals at 30.9 million in 2016, up from 27.7…

Live Event Promoters Take Note: Millennials Like Events With a “Stronger Moral Compass”

By Milan Malivuk June 30, 2017
The intense political climate in the United States is affecting every single area of life, and it would seem that the millennial generation is more…

How This Boutique Festival Increased Early Bird Sales by Over 300%

By Milan Malivuk June 27, 2017
Last year, Billboard reported that 32 million people attend at least one music festival per year, and that 51 percent of Americans attended a live…

4 Ways That Boutique Festivals are Bringing Innovation to the Industry

By Milan Malivuk June 23, 2017
Production While lineups have stayed largely stagnant in many areas of the scene, the production standards have been continuously growing and evolving, transforming the look,…

5 Things Every Festival Could Learn From EDC Las Vegas

By Milan Malivuk June 23, 2017
Anyone that has ever come through the tunnel and onto the Las Vegas Speedway during Electric Daisy Carnival will attest, there’s no festival in the…

Terror scare at Rock am Ring caused by spelling error

By Milan Malivuk June 16, 2017
Rock am Ring was actually the result of a simple typo, police revealed in a recent statement. German police ordered a full evacuation of Rock…

5 Reasons We Love Chicago Blues Festival

By Milan Malivuk June 12, 2017
The city of Chicago has one of the most thriving summer festival scenes in the United States. On any given weekend, neighborhoods will be brought…

On the Road Again: How Mobile Experiential Marketing Can Build Brand Loyalty

By Milan Malivuk June 9, 2017
MRA. MRA is in the business of providing mobile experiential opportunities to brands who want to truly connect with their consumers. And it’s working. Their…

5 Factors that Influence Music Festival Ticket Purchases

By Milan Malivuk June 9, 2017
LINEUP Demographics giant Nielsen recently undertook a study as part of their annual 360 Report that queried festival fans what is most likely to sway…

Masterclass: How to Get the Most Out of the Festival/Brand Relationship with Experiential Specialist Michael Ilves

By Milan Malivuk June 7, 2017
There was a time when the idea of corporate sponsorship for a concert or festival would have seemed absolutely horrifying. Back when rock ‘n’ roll…
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