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Revisited: Why Festivals Should Spend Less on PR and More on Content

By Milan Malivuk March 25, 2017
Red Bull ushered in an era when brands would fund projects and events that made them look cool in the eyes of the consumer, and…

5 Simple Ways to Seriously Beef Up Your Ticket Sales

By Milan Malivuk March 24, 2017
Ultimately, it all comes down to ticket sales. You can have the most innovative social strategy, a forward thinking and enticing lineup, excellent vendors and…

Ibiza's Fiesta de la Primavera Deploys Intellitix's Access Control and Cashless Systems

By Milan Malivuk March 20, 2017
Fiesta de la Primavera is a celebration of spring that includes more than 15 live music performances, gastronomic workshops, art exhibitions, holistic workshops, food and…

Will Instagram Stories Eclipse Snapchat’s Value to Festival Promoters?

By Milan Malivuk March 16, 2017
In August 2016, Instagram launched their Instagram Stories feature, which unsurprisingly mirrors the core offerings of Snapchat with a few minor twists. The new function…

Life on the Road: The Festival Guy™ Shares the Secrets He’s Learned from Attending 112 Festivals

By Milan Malivuk March 13, 2017
FestEVO and publishing The Festival Thrower’s Bible. Tucker’s become a staple on the US festival scene and his energy his infectious when you meet him on…

Masterclass: Lost Paradise’s Simon Beckingham On Selling Experiences and Why VIP is Dead

By Milan Malivuk March 8, 2017
The idea of the VIP has become a contentious one in recent years. Driven by a souring attitude towards wealth and exclusivity, and supported by…

What Your Music Festival Can Learn From a Beer Festival

By Milan Malivuk March 7, 2017
Utah Beer Festival, Left Hand Brewing's Hops and Hand Rails, and America On Tap have blazed the trail, I sat down with my colleague, Justin Moffatt, to…

Masterclass: How To Land the Ideal Sponsor for Your Festival

By Milan Malivuk February 23, 2017
Goldenvoice millions every year, and even fledgling festivals can find smaller brands with whom to forge a mutually beneficial relationship. However, as effortless as these…

Event Production Show Panel – "RFID & Cashless – Should we embrace it?"

By Milan Malivuk March 22, 2016
On the benefits RFID brings to the industry, Serge explains: I think that people are yet to fully understand the extent of the advantages available…

An Interview with Tech Week Europe

By Milan Malivuk March 1, 2016
How did Intellitix get involved in music festivals? I co-founded Intellitix back in 2011 after a 35-year career as a seasoned concert promoter and live…
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