cashless payment system.Rock in RioWhile artists such as Beyoncé, Muse, and Florence and the Machine wow festival-goers, Intellipay will be offering high profile guests prepaid credit which they can expend as they like in the VIP tent. Should guests run low on credit their wristbands will simply auto top-up using one of the system’s advanced features, meaning that every guest is able to make the most of their Rock in Rio experience without worrying about running out funds.Rock in RioThe launch of Intellitix in Brazil is a boon for security too; the innovation of cashless payments means that guests no longer run the risk of ‘losing’ their money whilst dancing the night away, and that with Intellitix RFID access control technology also in place, organizers know the VIP area will remain as exclusive as intended.Rock in RioRock in Rio 2013 runs across the next two weekends (13-15, and 19-22 September) and is the biggest festival in South America; the inclusion of Intellitix at this year’s event adds a new dimension to an already heavyweight brand.]]>

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