Samsung to Debut Their VR Live Streaming at UFC 212

It’s no secret that Samsung has been investing heavily in the development of virtual reality via their hardware, Gear VR, and their packed out Android app store. But it seems that live action content is set to become a fixture for Samsung after announcing that they will be running a VR live stream for UFC 212 in Brazil this weekend. The partnership between the hugely successful MMA brand and the world’s second largest electronics firm is likely to set a precedent for the future of VR sports content, with Samsung also announcing that it has inked a deal with the X Games.UFC’s Chief Operating Officer Lawrence Epstein described the partnership by saying, “We’ve always felt that the potential of combining UFC events with virtual reality would give our fans the ultimate enhanced experience.” Fans can get access to the event by purchasing a VR Live Pass through the Gear store. The pass will give users access to 360-degree live action, pre and post-game analysis and additional VR content.VR and 360-content have become an increasingly valuable commodity for event organizers seeking to dramatically expand the capacity of their events beyond the confines of the site itself. Heavyweight event promoters like Goldenvoice and Insomniac have been early adopters of the medium, but with the technology accelerating at an exponential rate and consumer headsets becoming more ubiquitous, don’t be surprised if VR becomes a booming element of the industry in the very near future.



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