cashless payment system, providing visitors faster and safer access to the culinary creations on offer.Taking place for the first time from 24-27 July 2014 the much-anticipated event invited 20,000 guests to utilize its official dining currency, ‘Crowns’ by loading them onto RFID-enabled ‘Taste’ cards. Attendees could add ‘Crowns’ to their account either online prior to the event, or on-site at any of the “Crown Banks”. Guests could then use Crowns to pay for their food dishes from participating restaurants as well as all beer and wine purchases from local vendors.Watch the video for our cashless deployment at Taste of Toronto below:[embedyt][/embedyt] Taste festivals are all about creating a premium and seamless experience, which is exactly what IntelliPay allowed the organizers to do. The simple, reliable, and secure nature of IntelliPay allowed foodies and vendors to spend less time processing transactions, and more time interacting and enjoying the opportunity to savour samples from some of Toronto’s finest restaurants.Any unspent Crowns were donated to Canadian registered charity, Second Harvest Food Rescue.]]>

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