Intellitix + Lennd

The perfect integration for a complete access control platform

The Intellitix and Lennd integration simplifies event organizers' process for managing credentials and ticket issuance for staff, talent, guests, and vendors while automatically syncing with the on-site access control system.


You can achieve a lot with Intellitix + Lennd

This powerful integration gives event organizers the best of both worlds without any extra heavy lifting.

Enhance security to your event's most sensitive areas.

Secure and handle friend and family ticket requests

Enable artists & sponsors to manage their own guest lists

Collect, approve, and process credential requests for staff and crew

Spend less time with large requests and quickly process bulk credential requests

Allow media outlets to submit all their personnel, and even specify the level or type of access they need.

The integration Flow

Connect Intellitix and Lennd

Connect or import your ticket types from Intellitix - for a seamless flow of information.

Manage Ticket Requests

Create unlimited request forms for your event staff, talent, vendors, and participants.

Approve Ticket Requests

Review ticket requests and approve the submission with Lennd’s Approval Tools.

Sync with Intellitix

Data fully syncs with the Intellitix Access Control system.

Sync Ticket and Credential Data

Easily connect or import your tickets and credentials from Intellitix to Lennd. The data will be fully synced with the Intellitix Access Control system and any changes made on either platform automatically sync so you don't need to think twice when managing ticket requests.



Create & Share Request Forms

Managing ticket requests can be a headache. But with Lennd's Event Form Builder, creating unlimited request forms for event staff, vendors, and participants is painless. Streamline ticket and credential management and make sure the right people have the right access.

Secure Sensitive Event Zones

Events are not just paid attendees. Staff, artists, crew, and sponsor credentials add security risks to your most sensitive areas. Event organizers approve requests with Lennd’s Approval Tools, which is fully synced with the Intellitix Access Control system. Save time on credential requests and add another level of security.


“We needed a system that provided organization, easy use, and live integrations for our festivals; and Lennd is able to do just that. Their system makes it easy to enter the information, keep track of it, and it feeds directly to Intellitix for a smooth advance and check in.”

Lisa Erdner
Producer, Live Events
Townsquare Media


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