Access Control

Secure your event. Improve the guest experience

Eliminate ticket fraud, secure sensitive areas, and collect real-time traffic flow information — all while getting your guests in faster and safer with Access Control.


Why use access control?

Improve security. Stamp out ticket fraud. Get people in faster. There’s a host of reasons to use Intellitix’s access control system.

Increase event revenue and make more money by increasing on site spend up to 87%.

Deliver a better guest experience by reducing wait times, and making purchases easier.

Make more money from your sponsorships with richer brand activations.

Have complete vendor transparency so you know exactly what theyʼre selling.

Use data to make smart planning decisions for next yearʼs event.

See real-time reporting on attendance, sales, brand engagement, and more.

Improve your event’s security

Stop relying on humans to validate credentials. Machines do it better. With Intellitix, your security won’t have to remember which color pass was for which day or which area. They’ll be free to do what they do best: keep your guests safe.


Eliminate ticket fraud

RFID technology makes it impossible for scammers to forge your tickets or “pass-back” their credentials to get multiple people in. Most events we work with are shocked at how many instances of ticket fraud they were experiencing.

Speed up entry and reduce wait times

A single Intellitix access control portal can process up to 2,500 people per hour. That means people can get into your event faster without sacrificing security. And you’ll have real-time traffic flow information and capacity counts at at your fingertips.


Video Case Study


Event organizers from the ELEAGUE Major in Boston found new ways to interact with their fans by using Intellitix's forward-thinking technologies. Recognizing the need to deliver high tech solutions to issues around access control, autograph sign-ups, data collection and sponsorship integration, ELEAGUE looked to Intellitix to deliver the very best fan experience and to significantly bolster its value offering to its partners.


“The Intellitix solutions allowed us to connect the entire experience —from entry, to picking up swag and sponsor activations. This was the first time we’ve used RFID technology and it’s made for an easy consumer process.”

Bryan Callaghan
Supervisor of Production
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