Cashless Payments for Events

Increase your revenue by up to 87% in the first year

The biggest events in the world trust Intellitix’s cashless payment system to deliver game-changing revenue increases and provide deep insights that put control back in your hands and let you provide the best possible guest experience.


Why use our Cashless Payment system?

Increase revenues. Track sales. Speed up lines. There are many reasons that the world’s biggest events use Intellitix’s Cashless Payments.

See an average event revenue increase of 46%, and up to 87% in the first year.

Have confidence in a system that functions in offline mode even if the network connection is lost.

Have complete transparency into vendor sales and product performance.

Take control with real-time data reporting on sales, product popularity, and more.

Offer top-up methods (cash, credit card, debit) available online, via mobile app, automatically, or on-site.

Automatic top-ups mean guests never run out of cash or need to use an ATM.

Create dynamic bonus incentives, promotions, and add-ons.

Process transactions 6x faster compared to other systems.

Refund unused money after the event.

Make it easier for guests to buy

Let your guests connect their accounts to their wristband so that they are automatically topped-up with funds and they never have to run out of cash. Our system reduces transaction times from ~90 seconds for traditional payments to ~15 seconds, that means fewer line ups at vendors scaring people away. This means the capacity to make 240 sales instead of 40, fewer long line ups to scare people away and serious help for your bottom line.

RFID Cashless Payments at the Taste of Toronto food festival

Reliability you can bank on

When you spend months working towards a few days, downtime during your event isn’t an option. That’s why our patented system functions even if your network is disrupted so on-site purchases aren’t disrupted.

See for yourself how easy the Intellitix Cashless Payment system makes transactions in this video!

Cashless Payments Gives You complete control over your event

It’s your event, so you should have complete and total insight into what’s happening. With Intellitix, you get real-time sales reports, you’ll see exactly what each vendor sold, which products were performing and even where you might be missing out on revenue (which you can correct next year). And since all transactions happen on a cashless system, there’s no risk of vendors under-reporting sales.

Cashless Payments reporting

Video Case Study

See why vendors love using Intellitix's RFID Cashless Payment solution to eliminate the headaches of handling cash, and worrying about theft while improving patron spend and gaining new data insights to help them thrive!


“Its great to see live updates as the event is going on, what the bar sales or food sales are…It allows us to spend our money wisely and make sure we‘re running as efficient as possible.”

Ryan Howes
Festival Creative Director
Republic Live

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