Data & Insights

You don’t need data, you need actionable insights

Data collection is great, and a byproduct of the Intellitix platform, but the real value is in the actionable insights that are generated and provided to you. With Intellitix you cut through the noise and are presented with a simple set of actions that will make you even more successful. It’s like a guardian angel, for event organizers.


Why use Data and Insights?

Without Intellitix, you simply don’t have visibility into a huge amount of things that happen on-site. You need the full picture to make your decisions and we can provide it to you.

Deep visibility into which products are performing and which aren’t so you can optimize for the next event

Understand who is actually coming to your event and build a database of fans

Make connections from your investments to the revenue that they generate

Monitor the status of your event in real-time (attendance, sales, entrance capacities, and more)

Make data-driven decisions for your next event to maximize your profit and revenue.

Identify your most valuable guests to make sure you bring them back to the next one

Determine optimal pricing for items and whether you’re under — or over — pricing

Demographic insights about your guests so you know who your ideal customer is

Provide brands with the data on who engaged with them on-site — it’s what they expect

Understand your event and your guests

Real-time metrics give you the full picture on your event so you know how many people are on-site, which entrances are nearing capacity and where you can move people from to balance the load. Post-event metrics show you exactly who was at your event from a demographic point of view so you can plan your next event even better.


Give brands the data they want

The reality is, these days brands expect data after an engagement, so why not take it a step further and provide them with more than just a spreadsheet? With our Insights engine you’re able to provide deeper analytics about exactly what happened in the language that brands speak. Investing in a sponsorship with you will be a no brainer compared to the low-tech alternatives.

Data vs. Insights

What’s the difference? A lot of people promise that they can deliver data, the problem is that ends up with you getting a spreadsheet that’s just a list of all the transactions on site. What do you do with that? Well with Intellitix, you actually get meaningful and actionable insights. Insights are key takeaways on what you should do based off what the data is saying. You don’t need to analyze data — just execute.


Video Case Study


Zalando, Europe's premier fashion e-commerce retailer, in collaboration with Kemmler & Kemmler Creative Agency, commissioned Intellitix to develop an innovative RFID ecosystem that would allow guests to interact with various brands and products at Bread & Butter, Europe's Festival of Style and Culture. Over 350 brand sensor touch points were deployed by Intellitix, making it one of the largest and most complex RFID deployments in the world.


“An event like Bread & Butter, with 30,000 people and 350 data points on-site, you really need a company who has the experience and the know-how to handle that amount of data, and for us, that was definitely Intellitix.”

Alex Gwilliam
Senior Creative Strategist
Kemmler-Kemmler Agency

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