More valuable sponsorships and brand activations.

Use the Intellitix Experiential product to create brand activations that engage guests at a higher rate, provide deeper connections, and deliver more data along with a clear ROI to your sponsors.


Why use Experiential?

Giving away product samples or asking people to fill out forms doesn’t cut it for serious brands. Our experiential product delivers higher engagement and a clear ROI.

Brands at the event see higher engagement rates due to unique activation possibilities.

Guests tap their credential to share their info with brands, no more filling out forms.

Brands know exactly what they got for their money (e.g. engagement, emails, social reach, etc.)

Real-time customer data collection, digital reporting of audience engagement and demographic profiles.

Custom brand activations like giveaways, games, leaderboards, voting/surveys, scavenger hunts, VR headsets, and more.

Engage guests post-event with exclusive downloadable content, custom playlists, promotional offers, pre-sale codes, and more.

Plug-and-play activations include: photo booths, and social media check-ins.

Brands will be willing to pay more for sponsorships because of the increased engagement.

Robust lead generation features to drive business and revenue after the event.

Increase sponsorship revenue

Most event organizers look to increase revenue from sponsorship. With competition heating up, events that can deliver rich data, high engagement and clear insight into ROI will land the big sponsors. With our experiential offering you will delight your sponsors and justify a premium for your sponsorships.


Expand brand reach

Let guests share branded check-ins with their social networks so your sponsors are reaching your guests and their secondary social networks. Agencies and Brand Managers will be delighted because they can finally achieve their brand goals.

Take complete control over your event

Brands walk away knowing exactly what they got for the money they spent. They’ll have rich audience insights on demographics, social reach and audience engagement. And they’ll have contact information.  Combine with Cashless Payments to deliver segmented lists based on guest purchases.


Video Case Study


Zalando, Europe's premier fashion e-commerce retailer, in collaboration with Kemmler & Kemmler Creative Agency, commissioned Intellitix to develop an innovative RFID ecosystem that would allow guests to interact with various brands and products at Bread & Butter, Europe's Festival of Style and Culture. Over 350 brand sensor touch points were deployed by Intellitix, making it one of the largest and most complex RFID deployments in the world.


“An event like Bread & Butter, with 30,000 people and 350 data points on-site, you really need a company who has the experience and the know-how to handle that amount of data, and for us, that was definitely Intellitix.”

Alex Gwilliam
Senior Creative Strategist
Kemmler-Kemmler Agency

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