Intellitix is a technology platform for event organizers

Create your vision for your event on the Intellitix platform to make sure that your event is built on the best fundamentals. The Intellitix RFID Access Control, Cashless Payments, and Experiential systems have been refined over thousands of the world’s biggest events, so you don’t have to worry about the foundation of your event.


Why use Intellitix?

Because if you don’t, you’re likely leaving a lot on the table. Our system is proven to secure events, it’s proven to increase on-site spend significantly, it’s proven to create richer brand activations, and it’s proven to give you more control. There’s a reason the biggest events in the world use Intellitix.

Increase on-site spending with Cashless Payments

Eliminate ticket fraud and control multiple zones at your event

Enhance security by securing your event perimeter

Reduce line-ups and decrease wait times at concessions

Make more money from your sponsorship opportunities

Take control with live metrics both during and after the event

Work in offline-mode even if network is lost

6x faster transaction times compared to other systems

Use insights to continue improving year-on-year

what is it?

Our patented RFID technology allows a credential, like a wristband or lanyard, to serve as your guest’s entry “ticket” that they use to enter the event. With Cashless Payments they can also load funds from credit, debit, or cash onto the wristband to make purchases, and Experiential allows them to simply tap that same wristband to interact with brands or share contact info with sponsors. The end result is safer, more profitable events for you, and a better experience for your guests.


How Intellitix clients make more money

It depends on the type of event, and the Intellitix products deployed, but here’s just a few ways we help you make more money:

  • Guests spend up to 87% more with our Cashless Payments
  • More valuable brand activations mean you can charge more
  • Identify your top spenders and make sure you bring them back
  • Eliminate ticket fraud and pass-backs
- Optimize products, vendors, and pricing using data

How it helps secure events

Most events don’t know who’s actually coming into the event. Depending on how strict you want to be, we can enforce things like mandatory registration on a credential that can’t be removed with destroying it, so that you know exactly who the wearer is. Or maybe you just want to make sure that only valid tickets are entering, so that you can stop scammers in their tracks. You tell us your objective, and we will show you how to achieve it.

RFID wristband access control system

Video Case Study

vancouver pride parade

Intellitix is proud to have streamlined the guest experience across the Davie St Block Party using RFID technology. Working with challenging logistics and strict liquor laws, Vancouver Pride Society turned to Intellitix to deliver an innovative method of payment using cashless RFID wristbands in replacement of wooden drink tokens to speed up bar service.


“We had increased bar sales this year, we saw lines reduced by about 60 to 30 minutes, we saw a lot more pre-sales because of the wristbands and the excitement around them. We actually ended up having another partner sign just because of the interest in the wristbands.”

Kieran Burgess
Managing Director
Vancouver Pride Society

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