Better brand activations

Engaging brand activations that show a clear ROI

Brand activations should be fun, capture people’s interest, and show a clear return on investment. With Intellitix you have a huge range of options to make sure that your activation delivers the result that make you look like a hero.


“An event like Bread & Butter, with 30,000 people and 350 data points on-site, you really need a company who has the experience and the know-how to handle that amount of data, and for us, that was definitely Intellitix.”

Alex Gwilliam
Senior Creative Strategist
Kemmler-Kemmler Agency


Get more people engaging with your brand

It doesn’t matter whether your objective is brand awareness, increasing social reach, or lead generation — boring activations wonʼt give people a reason to engage. With Intellitix Experiential you can create unique and engaging activations that get people excited to interact with your brand.


Collect valuable data from your activations

If you’re not walking away from a brand activation with a lot data then something’s not right. You need to be able to show exactly who your brand reached, what the social media impact was, and ideally have a list of prospects you can send relevant offers to after the fact. With Intellitix, you get all of that plus the freedom to carry that information to other events and “connect the dots.”


Drive purchases

The only thing better than detailed audience insights and data is connecting your brand activation spend to actual revenue. Since you can collect consumer information through your activation, if you track conversions on post-event marketing offers you have all the pieces to track revenue back to the spend that created it.

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