Collect event data

Use data to make your event even better

Intellitix gives you the data behind everything that happens at your event. However, data on its own isn’t very useful, so we provide insights that give you clear and concrete actionable items to help make this event better and to plan your next one.


“An event like Bread & Butter, with 30,000 people and 350 data points on-site, you really need a company who has the experience and the know-how to handle that amount of data, and for us, that was definitely Intellitix.”

Alex Gwilliam
Senior Creative Strategist
Kemmler-Kemmler Agency


Know your audience

With Intellitix you gain a huge amount of insight about your guests. Not only will you know exactly who they are, but you can identify behaviour trends such as which products or activities certain segments of your guests enjoyed. Identify who your biggest fans are and make sure you bring them back next year.


Smarter event planning

When youʼre planning your next event you need the full picture. We can help you identify exactly which products or vendors are performing and which arenʼt, where you might be underpricing, and even how to drive behaviours like purchase on-site. With Intellitix youʼre armed with all the knowledge to take uncertainty out of the equation when youʼre planning your event.

Cashless Payments reporting

Your event in real-time

Keep an eye on performance throughout the event to know how youʼre trending and what you can do to ensure success. You can even do things like identify which entrances are approaching capacity and see which entrances have extra capacity so that you can rebalance your staff and make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

Cashless Payments reporting
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