Eliminate ticket fraud

Completely eliminate ticket fraud at your event

Intellitix Access Control stamps out ticket fraud by making forgery-proof credentials, and eliminating common types of ticket fraud like “pass-backs” and using passes from a different area or day. Stop losing money to ticket fraud.

RFID wristband access control system

“The use of RFID readers at the doors has been a huge help for us. It’s been so much easier to track entry and exit, it’s a much smoother process, it’s faster, it’s easier for the guests, and it’s made things much better for our staff.”

Jeff Reed
Sr. Event Service Rep
KeyArena Seattle


Your event is a target

Many of the events we work with donʼt realize what a ticket fraud problem they had until after they work with us and we can show them exactly how many invalid attempts were made. At Comic-Con we actually stopped so much ticket fraud that the event was noticeably less busy inside — even though they sold the same number of tickets! You probably have an even bigger ticket fraud problem than youʼre aware of.


We once stopped 7,028 unauthorized entries at one event

Ticket fraud isnʼt just people entering your event with fake tickets. Itʼs also people buying a GA ticket and then sneaking into VIP. Or even trying to sneak into backstage or press areas. Without Intellitix Access Control your event is completely exposed.


We’ve stopped a few famous attempts

You may have heard of Zac Alsop — he live streams himself sneaking into major events with fake passes. After he successfully snuck into the press conference for a major sporting event we were brought in to secure the main event. Watch the video to see him livestream being stopped in his tracks by our system. He may not have had malicious intentions, but if he could get in so easily to other events, who else can?

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