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Food and Drink Festivals

We’ve worked with a wide range of food and drink festivals from small local charity-run events, to large Oktoberfests, and even major international events like the Bordeaux Wine Festival. Each comes to us with a specific goal, but they all enjoy a wide range of benefits from our Cashless POS and Ticketing Solutions.

Increase revenue, cut costs and make reconciliation a breeze

Why use Intellitix at your food and drink festival?

Only Intellitix allows you to deliver a world-class guest experience, increasing revenue, reducing spillage and over-pouring, and collecting data about what happened at the event.

Increase event revenue by 10-15%

Reduce line-ups and waiting times

Deliver rich brand activations to sponsors

Reduce spillage and vendor over-pouring.

Use data to make smart planning decisions for next year’s event.

See real-time reporting on attendance, capacity counts, and traffic flow.

Make more money

The Intellitix Event POS system makes it easier for your guests to spend with features like “automatic top-up” which keeps adding funds to their wristband, and by reducing line-ups at vendors. Because food and drink festivals usually come to us already using physical tokens they don’t see the same revenue increase as our music festival clients, instead it’s usually in the range of 10-15%.

Reduce spillage, stop over-pouring

With Intellitix you have a clear digital record of what each patron bought, what each vendor sold, and which items were popular. This also means that you can see discrepancies between what a vendor actually sold and what their inventory is. Our first-year customers are often shocked at how prevalent these were at their events before they used Intellitix.

Reconcile in under an hour

If you’re using physical tokens and manually counting, or even weighing them, then it probably takes ages for you to reconcile. With Intellitix because the transactions are digital, you can reconcile the event, attribute sales to vendors, and pay people out in under an hour. Easy.

Video Case Study

NOLA on Tap

NOLA on Tap was the first festival in Louisiana to switch to Intellitix's RFID Cashless payment system. See what organizers and attendees thought of the experience!

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