Improve event security

Secure your event perimeter

Intellitix Access Control lets you establish a secure perimeter so that only the right people can get in to the right places at the right time. Options like “mandatory registration” mean you know exactly who’s coming in.


“The use of RFID readers at the doors has been a huge help for us. It’s been so much easier to track entry and exit, it’s a much smoother process, it’s faster, it’s easier for the guests, and it’s made things much better for our staff.”

Jeff Reed
Sr. Event Service Rep
KeyArena Seattle


Make your security more effective

Most events still rely on a security guard that had a few moments to memorize which color credential stood for which day and which area. Let machines determine the validity of the credential for that person, time, and place. This frees up your security to do what they’re best at: observing people for suspicious behaviour and preventing dangerous good from being brought in.


Protect high value areas

Set up multiple layers of security and protect multiple zones. Whether you’re protecting artist areas, press pools, or VIP areas, you will know that only people that are supposed to be there are getting in.


Flag suspicious behaviour

Wouldn’t you want to know if an individual had come in and out of your event 10 times in an hour? We think so. You can flag a number of suspicious behaviours that allow you to proactively confront potential security issues.

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