Improve guest experience

A guest experience to keep them coming back

A lot of people pay lip service to “guest experience” yet they still have long waits to get in to the event, long lines at vendors, and irrelevant brand activations. Not anymore — Intellitix allows you to really craft a world-class experience for your guests that will keep them coming back.


“The Intellitix solutions allowed us to connect the entire experience —from entry, to picking up swag and sponsor activations. This was the first time we’ve used RFID technology and it’s made for an easy consumer process.”

Bryan Callaghan
Supervisor of Production
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Slash wait times

57.5% of people that attended events in the past year stated that “length of lines (wait times)” was their biggest frustration at events. People wonʼt come back to an event that had them moving from one line to the next. With our Access Control system you get people in fast, and with Cashless Payments you dramatically reduce the wait times at vendors. Improve the guest experience and youʼll turn your guests into your biggest advocates.


Create a seamless experience

It doesnʼt make sense that people get into your event with one ticket, then they purchase things with a number of different cards, and then have to engage with brands with pen and paper. With Intellitix you create a single environment, everything happens through their credential — they tap to enter, tap to buy, and tap to interact with brands. By using Intellitix you deliver a consistent and seamless guest experience.


Remove the little inconveniences

Most events are filled with little inconveniences that people tolerate things like: waiting in line, having to go to the ATM, irrelevant brand interactions, and forgetting which products they tried and liked. With Intellitix you can remove all of those annoyances and really make your event stand out from the crowd, people really do notice.

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