Increase event revenue

Increase On-Site Spend by up to 87%

Intellitix Cashless Payments increases on-site spend up to 87%, Experiential let’s you create more valuable sponsorships to increase sponsor revenue, and Access Control eliminates ticket fraud. The entire platform helps you increase event revenue and cut costs.


“We had increased bar sales this year, we saw lines reduced by about 60 to 30 minutes, we saw a lot more pre-sales because of the wristbands and the excitement around them. We actually ended up having another partner sign just because of the interest in the wristbands.”

Kieran Burgess
Managing Director
Vancouver Pride Society


Make spending easier

Our Cashless Payments system removes barriers to purchase. Features like “automatic top-up” make sure guests don’t run out of money to spend, and they’ll be more likely to visit vendors because the line-ups will be shorter. Also, revenues in a Cashless Payment system rise an average of 46% in year 1 — and up to 87% at multi-day music festivals.


More valuable sponsorships

If you deliver the “same-old” sponsorship opportunities to brands, expect the “same-old” sponsorship revenue. With our Experiential product you can offer brand activations with higher engagement rates, increased reach, and a clear ROI — that means you can get more from your sponsorship revenue.


Eliminate ticket fraud

Ticket fraud costs you, it costs your paying guests, and it costs your brand. Use our Access Control system to stamp our fraudulent passes and make sure that everyone has to have a valid, paid ticket in order to get in.

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