Speed up entry

Get your guests into your event faster

Nobody likes standing in line. It’s one of the biggest complaints that people have about events. Speeding up entry times makes a huge difference to your guests, and your bottom line.


“We had increased bar sales this year, we saw lines reduced by about 60 to 30 minutes, we saw a lot more pre-sales because of the wristbands and the excitement around them. We actually ended up having another partner sign just because of the interest in the wristbands.”

Kieran Burgess
Managing Director
Vancouver Pride Society

Improve your guest experience

Donʼt think that your guests wonʼt notice the difference. A single Intellitix Access Control portal can process 2,500 people per hour. That allows us to scale to your event requirements and make sure people are spending less time waiting in line, and more time enjoying the event.


People in line aren’t making purchases

The longer people stay in line, the longer they arenʼt buying things inside the event. Get people into your event faster and give them more time to buy and your bottom line will thank you.

Don’t sacrifice security

Just getting people into your event isnʼt enough. You need to make sure that youʼre only letting the right people into your event. With Intellitix you donʼt have to sacrifice security for speed, youʼll actually increase the rate that you get people in while still keeping out fake or invalid credentials.

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