Transparent Vendor Management

Know exactly what each vendor sold

Relying on vendors to self-report their sales introduces a lot of problems for event organizers. From delayed reconciliation and lack of a view of how the event is performing, to the potential for outright abuse. With Intellitix you’ll always know exactly what each vendor sold to remove any doubt or blind spots.

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“Its great to see live updates as the event is going on, what the bar sales or food sales are…It allows us to spend our money wisely and make sure we‘re running as efficient as possible.”

Ryan Howes
Festival Creative Director
Republic Live


Take trust out of the equation

When you use Intellitix Cashless Payments, all transactions are digitally recorded on multiple devices across the network. This means that there is an objective source of truth about everything that was sold on-site. Let machines keep track of what was sold and you remove the human error element that always exists when you rely on people to self-report their sales.


Make reconciliation easy

Donʼt let a few outstanding vendor reports stop your reconciliation efforts. With Intellitix you are able to settle your event within an hour of the event ending and vendors will be happy with how quickly they can get paid out.


Find your strengths and your weaknesses

With the full picture of what each vendor sold, and also product performance across different vendors, you can now establish exactly which locations are performing, which are underperforming, and what changes you can make to improve performance.

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