Credit card and digital payment use is higher in Norway compared to other European countries. To increase event spending and allow guests to pay as they wish, Slottsfjell turned to Intellitix Cashless payments for their new payment solution.

The Story

The Slottsfjell event site is a challenging location, and organizers knew any solution would have to stand up to the unique venue conditions

The organizers knew that, in order to stay ahead of the competition, they would need to be innovative. Organizers needed to be able to have a complete picture in real time of the event in order to make operations more efficient.

Their Challenges

  • Increase event on-site spending and improve sponsor opportunities
  • Integration of PDQ and real-time reporting capabilities
  • Reduce queue size and optimize festival operations

Integrate PDQ terminals into the Intellitix Cashless Payment solution and optimize the festival layout with Intellitix Access Control

Intellitix increased the top-up speed by integrating PDQ terminals into the cashless RFID system and helped Slottsfjell use a strategic communication campaign to push online top-up to consumers ahead of the event.

The Result

The Intellitix solutions improved the guest experience and sponsor relationships by obtaining insights into the 22,000+ identified users’ spending habits. As a result, 94% of festival-goers topped-up before and at the event, leading to an added boost in sales.

  • Increased on-site spending and reduction of transaction time
  • 40% increase in the number of guest payment account top-ups from previous years
  • Optimized festival layout redesign based on guest data collection

Products Used

Access Control
Cashless Payments
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