Lollapalooza Brasil Increases On-Site Spending for Back-to-Back Years Using Intellitix Data & Insights

Using all the 2017 reporting data provided by the Intellitix solutions, Lollapalooza organizers went to work implementing new ways to bring efficiencies to operations, further increase revenue, and scale to a larger and longer festival weekend. 

The Story

Organizers had relied on paper ticketing and a token system for food and drink purchases for too long and knew a change was necessary

The paper ticketing and token system had not only meant slow entry and exit queues, but less vendor transparency and greater risks with a large amount of cash on-site. The event team knew they needed a robust solution that included a point-of-sale transaction integration, on-site networking, and advanced access control.

Their Challenges

  • Increase on-site spending by festival attendees and improve vendor transactions

  • Turn previous two-day event into three-and-a-half-day event while maintaining quality and results

  • Use previous years’ data to optimize operations and reduce overhead costs

  • Decrease access point wait times while increasing security on the additional event days


2017 data & insights provided by the Cashless Payments and Access Control solutions allowed event organizers to fully optimize the 2018 event.

Using all the advanced reporting from the 2017 event, Lollapalooza organizers worked with Intellitix to scale the event to a three-and-a-half-day festival. Adding another event day not only increased the revenue potential, but also allowed for easier decision-making when deciding on new access points, adding POS terminals and wristband top-up stations, and where potential bottlenecks may occur.

The Result

After seeing how Intellitix’s solutions dramatically reduced wait times, introduced advanced data collection and sales reporting, and increased on-site spend, organizers were thrilled to be able to plan ahead using real data. The event organizers could now actually see the data behind their sales, get a better understanding of the resources they should be deploying, and learn how to maximize their cost structure.

Products Used

Access Control
Cashless Payments
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