The human carwash was the perfect way to engage festival-goers and gather data from the 12,000 unique user profiles generated through the custom RFID data collection strategy.

The Story

Coca-Cola recognized the younger demographic for Vitaminwater and determined that they needed an engaging music festival activation

Festivals are an excellent opportunity to engage directly with their target market and showcase their brand’s creativity. Their newest festival campaign—the Vitaminwater Human-Carwash Refresh Station—was a great way to have a presence on-site, but they needed a better way to collect consumer data.

Their Challenges

  • Introduce data collection to their Vitaminwater Refresh Station activation
  • Pair new data with existing hardware
  • Distribute samples without additionally serving returning guests

Connect existing registration information stored on the wristbands with survey data collected at the activation for a new, complete customer profile.

By connecting the RFID wristbands with the survey data, every interaction was customized and Intellitix was able to help Coca-Cola gather data on over 12,000 unique fan profiles to be integrated into their existing CRM.

The Result

Coca-Cola was able to put together a post-event marketing campaign targeted at all fans who attended the Vitaminwater Refresh Station. This gave them the ability to attribute more ROI to the experiential activation, further increasing the overall value of the campaign.

  • 12,000+ unique user profiles generated with a custom RFID data collection strategy
  • Successful integration with existing hardware and campaign design
  • Organized a secured sample distribution process

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