Samsung increases employee engagement by gamifying their annual sales conference

With the forthcoming launch of the company’s celebrated S8 and S8+ cell phones, Samsung hosted a conference and mass training session where they used an RFID solution to improve their employee’s experience.

The Story

Samsung wanted to strengthen product knowledge, foster team spirit, and get a deeper read on overall performance of their team

They believed gamifying the training sessions would be a great way to achieve all their goals, but they also wanted to use RFID data collection to deliver a more accurate and vivid picture of individual and team performances throughout the training sessions.

Their Challenges

  • Create an interactive experience to engage the sales reps
  • Obtain greater amounts of data
  • Gather actionable data and insights on sales team performance

Create a gamified sales education process with a digital leaderboard using RFID wristbands and readers for real-time data collection

Every team member’s registration profile was connected to their RFID wristband and sales reps earned points based on how they performed certain tasks. This information was displayed on the custom Intellitix leaderboard on multiple TV’s throughout the various rooms of the event.

The Result

The insights Samsung was able to receive about training method adoption, education retention, and sales rep engagement will be used to improve future events and training programs.

  • Gamified the often low engagement training conference process
  • Increased product information retention amongst participants
  • Provided a safe and secure training environment for employees

Products Used

Access Control

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