The Texas Interfraternity Council used Intelltix solutions to solve capacity issues at their annual event, RoundUp for B+, bringing over 12,000 fraternity members, students, and other guests out to attend the charitable block party.

The Story

The Texas IFC wanted a safer event with real-time capacity counts and digital waiver form collection

After the issues encountered in 2017, Texas IFC President Peter Driscoll determined RoundUp needed a new solution for their capacity and security issues while ensuring everyone attending had signed a waiver and their IDs were verified. This was seen as the only way to build off previous mistakes and ensure a bright future.

Their Challenges

  • The need for real-time reporting for increased crowd control
  • Transfer liability away from event organizers with digital waiver forms
  • Eliminate wristband theft and event attendance issues

Establish a pre-event ID check and waiver signing linking to attendees RFID user profiles, allowing for complete Access Control of all event venues

Intellitix developed a digital waiver system, which made pre-event registration mandatory and forced all pass holders to present their IDs at the point of purchase. By adding access control portals to all entrances and exits throughout the event, Intellitix was able to deliver a precise number of attendees inside the RoundUp site at all times.

The Result

Organizers wanted RoundUp to be executed at the highest possible standard, and Intellitix’s solution played a significant role in achieving that goal. The Texas IFC was also able to gather actionable data to inform future decisions and improve their operations for next year.

  • 100% reduction of parties being shut down due to overcapacity
  • Eliminated wristband theft and counterfeiting with mandatory registration
  • Had the safest and most seamlessly executed event since its inception
“If I had to pick one word why we opted for Intellitix and RFID Access Control, it would be SAFETY.”

Peter Driscoll

Products Used

Access Control
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