Guest experience is the number one goal for the ELEAGUE organizers, so they immediately saw capabilities made possible with the Intellitix-Steam integration.

The Story

The ELEAGUE needed to improve operations to get ahead of the booming popularity of esports events

In the past, the ELEAGUE faced difficulties managing foot traffic flow around the event. As the popularity of live gaming events grew, they knew they needed a way to avoid long lines and bottlenecks around the event’s entrances. They also needed to find a better way to connect their partners and sponsors to the event’s digital and physical attendees.

Their Challenges

  • Strengthen the relationships between sponsors and fans
  • Streamline foot traffic to reduce long lines and congestion at the event
  • Collect more meaningful data and gather new fan insights

The Intellitix Steam-link integration allowed Valve to drop exclusive giveaways into attendees Steam accounts through their RFID user profiles

Audience data is always crucial for event sponsors, so the ELEAGUE and event partner Valve incentivized fans to connect their Steam accounts to their user profiles. This built an incredible pool of actionable user data, and, combined with Intellitix Access Control and Autograph Session Management, the Boston Major guest experience was second to none.

The Result

The ELEAGUE was able to put on their most efficient and organized Major event to date by switching to RFID badges. They improved the guest experience, heightened security and increased user data collection by using Intellitix’s solutions and Steam integration.

  • Linked Steam accounts to user profiles, gathering nearly 100% of registration data
  • Minimized foot traffic bottlenecks and reduced autograph session wait times
  • Increased audience engagement with a scavenger hunt and prize lottery
“Intellitix allowed us to connect the entire experience. This was the first time we used RFID at our event and it’s made for an easy consumer process.”

Bryan Callaghan

Products Used

Access Control

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