bridges the gap between digital and real-world shopping

With guests from 14+ countries coming to shop over 50 of the most iconic fashion and apparel brands at Zalando’s flagship event, Bread & Butter, the world’s most sophisticated RFID ecosystem was used to bring the digital experiences to life.

The Story

Zalando needed a partner that would help them bring their digital experiences into the real world.

Seeing the potential for gathering vast amounts of audience data, which would ultimately lead back to online sales, Zalando worked with the Kemmler-Kemmler agency to find a solution. In the end, it would need to improve the overall guest experience while driving post-event sales through their e-commerce platform.

Their Challenges

  • Generate online sales from physical interactions
  • Obtain greater amounts of data
  • Acquire new customers

Intellitix’s app allowed the tap of a wristband to add a product to the fans digital wishlist on Zalando’s site, bridging the physical-digital shopping gap

Despite the event itself being commerce-free, Zalando drove online sales and pushed guests to make purchases through their website using the custom app. It allowed guests to create a ‘wishlist’, using their RFID wristbands to express interest in particular products or brands. This wishlist supplied Zalando with actionable data to continue the sales process online.

The Result

Not only was Zalando able to deliver actionable and relevant data to their partnering brands, but they managed to bridge an important gap that existed between Zalando’s e-commerce operations and the experiential Bread & Butter event.

  • Supplied sponsors with insights from over 350 consumer touch-points
  • Generated online sales from physical interactions
  • Bridged the gap between real world interactions and digital purchases
“The challenge with an event of this scale – 30,000 people, over 3 days – is finding a company that has the experience to handle that much data.”

Alex Gwilliam

Products Used

Access Control

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