The International innovates the esports gaming fan experience with Steam-link integration

The International looked to RFID to create a holistic connection between fans’ pre-registered profiles and their Steam accounts by offering rewards and digital “drops”.

The Story

The International needs to find new ways to appeal to their massive global viewership while keeping up with the latest developments in event technology

The event’s organizer, Valve, looked to add new and interactive ways for attendees to participate in the tournament. They wanted a solution that allowed them to maintain access control, reduce the threat of ticket fraud, and a way to improve the guest experience.

Their Challenges

  • Enhance the guest experience and improve event technology
  • Streamline security operations to reduce ticket fraud
  • Solve congestion issues and wait times at swag bag pickup locations

Use the Intellitix Steam-link integration for fan rewards, and Intellitix Access Control to improve all line congestion and security operation issues

Intellitix successfully created a custom integration to link guests’ Steam accounts to their RFID profiles. Not only did this allow Valve to gather valuable attendee data for their own use, but it also enabled the company to drop digital prizes into the fans’ Steam accounts.

The Result

With the use of RFID, Valve was able to speed up operations of swag bag handouts and improve their operational issues, saving both time and money. Not only did this increase the positive feedback, but it also solved one of the largest sources of guest frustration.

  • Implemented a complete RFID solution with Steam account link
  • Reduced the wait times at all access points
  • Streamlined operations at swag bag pickup locations
“It’s been so much easier to track entry and exit, it’s a much smoother process, it’s faster, it’s easier for the guests, and it’s made things much better for our staff.”

Jeff Reed

Products Used

Access Control

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